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ini tentang cinta..ya..ini tentang rasa...juga asa...

Kamis, 06 Mei 2010

another quotes

Don't chase after someone. Stand still. If they want you, they'll come running back!

Go for the happy ending, because life doesn’t have any sequels

Every man is afraid of something. That's how you know he's in love with you; when he is afraid of losing you.

Just because you were happy with him/her, doesn't mean you can't be happy WITHOUT him/her.

Sometimes the person you want most the most is the person you're best without.

I don't care about your past, all I wanna know is if there is a place for me in your future.

Sometimes you just gotta let shit go and say to "hell with it" and "move on!"

To the people I forgot, u weren't on my mind for some reason & u probably don't deserve any thanks anyway

Just because your single doesn't mean you have to be ALONE all the time.

Whether it lasts forever, or ends tomorrow, it will have taught u something if u paid attention.

We're all in the game, just different levels. Dealin' with the same hell, just different devils.

The greatest revenge to a girl that stole your guy is to let her have him, bcoz a truly good man can never be stolen

We go to school for 12 years & one thing they forgot to teach us was how to say goodbye.

Maybe some people aren't meant to be in our lives forever. Maybe some are just passing through to teach us a lesson

Other may abandon you, divorce you, and ignore you, but God will love you. Always.

Let me be your favorite hello and your hardest goodbye!

You aren't wealthy until you have something that money can't buy.

Learn to treat people like the way you want to be treated, because what goes around will comes around.

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